Why Hanging Out With Your Toddler Is Good For Your Soul




Have you ever just watched a toddler play and laugh and start feeling a bit jealous? I mean, watching my daughter play and hearing her laugh is one of my most favorite things but don’t you wish you could just be them for a day? No worries at all. Just play all day and laugh and nap. Yes, please!

You know what? You can. Life is chaos. We get so busy with “to do” lists, work, school, schedules and errands that most of the time you are left feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and crazy! We Moms are often heard saying, “I’m about to pull my hair out!” Well don’t do that just yet. Okay, maybe the gray hairs. You can pull those out.

I know we Moms have the best intentions of engaging with our toddlers for playtime but, how often do we really do it? Instead we can be found trying to accomplish a few things on the “to do” list, because there is a lot on that list!

Put it all on the back burner for a little while. Maybe an hour or two. Maybe a whole afternoon or even a whole day. Go play with your toddler!!

I have found the most stress relief and happiness when I just put everything on hold and get down on my daughters level and play with her. No phone. No laptop. I forget about everything that needs to be done. I give her my full attention.

Here are some of my daughter’s favorite things to do…

We dance and sing. It just don’t get much better than putting on some funky music and breaking it down with my   old girl. She loooves it. Dance that stress away momma. Dancing is exercise and exercise relieves stress. Multitasking! Wiggle it out. Sing with her. She doesn’t care if you sound like a crying cat. Sing your heart out.

We play tag. Toddlers love this. They love to run and run and run. They don’t even care if they are “it”. Let her catch you. When it’s your turn, play as though she’s hard to catch but eventually do so. She likes to be caught.

We blow bubbles. I had forgotten how fun blowing bubbles can be! My daughter loves it and so do I! She loves chasing them and popping them. Pretend each bubble is carrying your worry and stress away. Adios bills and “to-do” list!

We color and draw. Get out the washable markers, crayons and pencils and let your little Picasso do her thing. I find it so interesting to watch my daughter scribble a few lines and then hear her imagination at work as she explains what it is. Don’t forget to proudly display it on the refrigerator.

We have a tea party. After having four boys, I am all about tea parties. I had never had a tea party before! Daddy is usually the main guest but when he’s away working, Mom gets this luxury. So fun.

We laugh.. you’ve heard it said that a child’s laughter is the best medicine. It truly is. Laughter itself is good medicine. So be silly and laugh. You don’t even need a reason. Just laugh. It’s good for your soul.

If you take the time to do these things with your little one, I promise you it will make a huge difference in your mood and stress level. It snaps you back to calm instead of crazy. Did I mention it’s good for your soul? Pinky Promise.

So, unfortunately, your “to do” list will be there when you get back to it. The laundry will still need done, the dishes will still be in the sink. Who cares. There will always be dishes and laundry and to do lists. But there won’t always be a toddler in your home you can play with. They grow up fast. Slow down and enjoy them. It’s good for your soul…

and theirs.




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