Easy Inexpensive Halloween Crafts for Kids



I recently had a Halloween Craft Day with some of my favorite little loves. I thought it was loads of fun. My little loves thought so too (I think). They were asking to take a break by the time we got to the third craft I had planned for them. I may or may not have went a little overboard. I wanted to share some of the super cute projects we made. They are very inexpensive to create and make adorable keepsakes.


This adorable project is self-explanatory. The kids loved it. What kid doesn’t love playing with paint? Especially when you get to put your feet in it! The items you need are:

Construction paper
Washable paint
Black Marker
A cute kiddo with cute feet 😊

Optional items:
Paper plate
Plastic table cover
Baby wipes

I tried to plan the perfect strategy to prevent paint all over the floor and on the bodies of my little people. Yes, it was washable but, we didn’t have time for cleaning. We were crafting! I laid out a plastic table-cloth on the floor. When I say plastic table cover, I mean the kind you buy for birthday parties. Very inexpensive and disposable. I poured the washable paint in a paper plate. I suggest pouring only a small amount. Just enough to coat the bottom of the foot. Pouring too much results in too much on the foot and the footprint doesn’t turn out as well. We did one foot at a time standing on the plastic table cover. Place the footprints at the bottom of the paper to allow room for the writing at the top. Then use baby wipes to wipe away the paint from the bottom of the feet. Let your master piece dry and then use a black marker to write Trick or Treat Smell My Feet at the top of the paper. How cute is that?

You can also turn the feet upside down and make ghosts out of them (see below).


Another cute project for little kids. The following items are needed:

Washable Paint
Construction Paper
Paper Plate
Plastic eyes
Cute kiddo with cute little hands 😊

White crayon or chalk for drawing a web

Pour the washable paint into the paper plate. Again, do not pour too much. Just enough to cover the hand. Place the hand in the paint and then on the construction paper. Using just the palm of the hand and four fingers is ideal. The thumb doesn’t need to be included but if it’s easier, have at it. My daughter did hers this way. Use the pictures above to help guide your placement of fingers. Apply plastic eyeballs and you have a cute spider made of your little ones’ hands. You can use a white crayon or chalk to draw a web around it or at the top to make it appear as though its hanging from the web. Adorable.


Another fun project the kids enjoyed! Super easy, inexpensive and adorable. Items needed for Paper Plate Spiders are:

Paper Plates (color of choice)
Pipe Cleaners (color of choice)
Plastic eyes
Hole Punch

This eight legged project is pretty self-explanatory as well. Take one paper plate and turn it over, bottom side up. Pick out 8 pipe cleaners and bend each one in the middle. Position 4 pipe cleaners on one side and the other for on the other side. You can use glue to secure them on if you prefer, however, we found it a lot easier to just tape them. The glue wasn’t working well for us. After you have the legs secure, turn the plate over and glue on the eyeballs. I let my kiddos use however many they wanted. Wait for the glue to dry before trying to hang up the spider. We did not do this and had a lot of eyeballs sliding and glue running. It looked like our spiders were crying (see below). 🙁

To hang your spiders, after the eyes are dried on, use a hole punch to punch a hole at the top of the spiders head. Cut some string, run it through the hole and tie. Hang for a super cute Halloween decoration.

Let me know if you try any of these projects with your little loves. I would love to know how they turn out 😊

Happy Halloween!





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