Prevent School Morning Chaos



It’s 6 a.m. as I get up out of bed to go wake my 2 teenage boys up for school. Okay. Fine. It’s really 7 a.m. because I’ve been hitting that dang snooze button for the past hour. Great. We are going to be running late this morning. Again. I head down the hall to wake one son up and get a mumbled reply from him of “Mom will you throw my clothes in the dryer?” Ugh. I decide I’ll wait for that “You should have already done that yourself” speech for later. Off to the laundry room I go to get my sons clothes in the dryer in hopes that they are dry before we leave for school. On to the next sons room I go. I open the door and say, “It’s time to get up.” He stretches his long arms and legs and asks me a muffled question of “What time is it?” It’s 7:10, I reply. He responds with a frustrated “Mom! I wanted to get up earlier! Now were going to be late!” I calmly (sorta) state that he should have set his own alarm clock.

Both of my boys are up now stumbling around half awake. One is waiting on clothes to get dry enough to put on and the other is looking for clothes to put on. If your child ever can’t find anything to wear it’s going to always be in the mornings before school. That problem never occurs at other parts of the day. Weird.

We are looking for clothes, backpacks, shoes, the paper I signed that was supposed to have been put back in the backpack, the backpack that’s missing. It’s chaos and bad moods all around. I get both boys to school and barely get a mumbled reply of “I love you too” as they jump out and slam the door. Goodness. I survived another chaotic morning. Another one? Why? Because I’m a Super(ish) Mom and being Super(ish) means we have mornings like this. However…

We are going to go over some things that can make our mornings go a lot smoother and less hectic.


Have your children pick out what they want to wear the night before school. Everything. Socks, underwear, shoes, belt, accessories, anything they plan to put on their body, they need to gather it up and put it all in one spot. I recommend doing this early in the evening in case what they want to wear is dirty. It irritates me majorly when my teenager comes to me at 9 p.m. and says “Mom I want to wear this tomorrow. Will you wash it tonight?” Excuse me? Umm. No. This is one issue that lead me to teach my boys how to work the washer and dryer a few years ago. There is nothing wrong with teaching them to do their own laundry. It teaches responsibility and their future spouse will thank you.


Backpacks, gym bags and homework seem to disappear in the mornings for some strange reason that has absolutely nothing to do with your child misplacing them (rolling my eyes). Make sure your child finds these things the night before as well. Have them double check their gym bag to make sure everything is in it they need. Make sure they have all homework done, any notes sent home are signed, library book and school books are gathered and it is ALL placed in its home inside the backpack along with anything else they need for school the next day. It’s not a bad idea to suggest they sit their bags next to their clothes they have laid out. Everything in one spot does wonders.


I know your tired Mom but get yourself to bed early and get you some rest. If you are a fan of playing tag with the snooze button, like myself, set the alarm for earlier. A lot of people set their alarm clocks across the room on a table or dresser so they have to get up out of bed to turn it off, which supposedly helps them stay up instead of getting back in bed. I’m not one of those people. I want to be. Does that count? Regardless, your morning is going to go so much better if you are not running late. Duh right? Figure out what works for you and do it. Get those kids to school on time because nothing screams slacker Mom quite like your kids being late for school or the bus. Repetitively.


I’m wondering. Why am “I” getting my teenage boys up anyway?? They are perfectly capable of setting their own alarms and getting themselves up. If they aren’t then they need to learn how right? Are we going to be moms who wake up early to drive to our adult children’s homes to get them up for work because they do not know how to get up on their own?? Hell no. Teach them how to use that alarm clock. My boys actually do know how to set their alarms. I just don’t encourage it enough and let them depend on me. Why? Because I’m a Super(ish) Mom. It’s what we do. Which brings me to the next thing.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if kids would just obey rules and never had to be told twice to do something? We can always dream. If we want to have happier, less chaotic mornings, we have got to set routines and rules to create them.  Most importantly, we have to stick with them! If you have a defiant child who just absolutely will not do these things and makes the morning worse for those that do, then you have got to explain the consequences of their actions and follow through with discipline to correct it. We just have to. Do not get tired of the persistence on your part that it takes and just give up. I wont if you wont! We got this.


*Make sure all clothes, shoes and accessories are laid out.
*See that all bags and backpacks are together with all items needed inside, including homework.
*Do not play tag with the alarm clock, Mom.
*Encourage your children to set their alarms and get up on their own..
*Keep to these rules and follow through with consequences to those who don’t. That includes yourself!

Here’s to better mornings! You got this!



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