National Absurdity Day: November 20th



Its National Absurdity Day! Do you know what that means, Moms? We get to let our absurdity show today! Yeees! Today is the day to be silly and do the absurd things we always never do! In recognition of November 20th, National Absurdity Day, I have compiled a list of 20 crazy, silly and absurd things to do with your kids!! Safely and legally of course! Do things out of the ordinary with your children! The more you act out of character, the better! Make your kids question who you are and what you’ve done with their mom! Make it memorable!

  1. Wear your clothes inside out and backwards. All day!
  2. Let your kids eat whatever they want for breakfast.. lunch.. and dinner!
  3. The floor is lava Mom! Play along with your kids! Don’t touch the floor! Yes, this means jumping on furniture!
  4. Can you lick your elbow, wiggle your ears, wiggle your nose? Find your kids hidden talent! And yours!
  5. Speak in a british accent all day, even in public. This is one of our favorite things to do!
  6. The whole family wears their pajamas to the grocery store.
  7. Dress up absurd, fix your hair crazy and take silly pictures.
  8. Turn on your kids favorite tunes and have a dance party! Bad dance moves only allowed. And lots of laughing.
  9. Allow your kids to take a shower or bath in their swimsuits. They love it.
  10. Let your kids take over the kitchen, supervise for safety only, let them get creative.
  11. Help your little ones build the ultimate fort, spot of their choice, then play in it with them.
  12. Have your kids pack a picnic basket and chose the place of their choice for a picnic. Regardless how absurd.
  13. Go to the park and let your kids decide when it’s time to leave.
  14. Play in the rain, with your kids, find your inner child, it’s not going to hurt you. Splash. Dance. Laugh.
  15. Allow your kids to stay up past their bedtime, even if it’s a school night. Tell stories with them.
  16. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with your loves on the floor in front of the TV. Just make a day of it!
  17. Go out late for your favorite ice cream.
  18. Find an old sheet, get out the washable paint and markers and get creative. The messier the better.
  19. See who can make the loudest armpit farts.
  20. Challenge your kids to burp the ABC’s. You try it too! (I’m a failure at this lol)

There you go! This should get you started! The most important thing to do is, take lots and lots of pictures! You are making memories! Capture them 🙂

Ready? Set! Get absurd!

Happy Absurdity Day!

4 thoughts on “National Absurdity Day: November 20th”

    1. Haha! Isn’t that the truth!? As I typed this post I kept thinking, this is just describing a normal day at my house. Maybe I should have titled it “How National Absurdity Day relates to being a Mom” 😀

  1. Some awesome ideas here! A house full of laughter, too. My 6 year old spoke British in school all day yesterday. Just because he could. I really like that paint a sheet idea! I see some fun happening over Christmas break!

    1. Thank you so much Eric! Yes, laughter, it’s the best! Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’d love to hear how Christmas break goes! Have fun 🙂

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