Christmas: The Best Time To Be A Kid





Isn’t Christmas the best time ever to be a kid?

Who wants to be a kid again? I do!

Sweet memories of my childhood surface during the holidays! Memories such as, making out my wish list, the anticipation of Christmas morning, the smell of cookies baking, watching Christmas movies on Christmas Eve in my new pajamas and begging my parents to let me open “just one” present, but mostly, the feeling, that wonderful magical feeling.

As a kid, your only worries are wondering if Santa is going to bring you those new kicks you want, or how much money grandma is putting in your Christmas card. You get to devour the yummy food without fret over the cooking, and with each day that passes,  another mark is eagerly checked on the “how many days until Christmas” calendar.

When you’re a kid, you get to wear super cute outfits, handpicked for you by mom or dad. And everyone thinks your adorable. I still remember a couple of my Christmas dresses from my childhood. Luckily, my mom had good taste. I don’t recall being tortured by wearing an ugly sweater or hideous dress. Don’t be that kind of mom. Just a heads up, if you haven’t purchased your child’s Holiday style yet, you can find some of my favorites at Gymboree.  (They are currently having a 50% off sale!! On everything!)

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Excitement and wonder keep little ones up way past their bedtime on Christmas Eve. Morning comes, and they rush to see what Santa left under the tree and in their stocking. They find that the cookies and milk are gone and secretly wish they could have stayed up just a little bit longer in hopes of catching St. Nick. Maybe next year.

A child’s heart and mind are easily consumed with the magic that Christmas brings.  They don’t realize it at the time, but the songs, smells, lights and moments are engraving memories in their little minds that they will forever remember.

Make it magical.




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