Happy New Year! 

A new year filled with 365 days to create endless possibilities and dreams! Opportunities to start and accomplish what we didn’t in 2017! We all seem to set new year resolutions with the very best intentions of keeping them! However, most of us have failed miserably by mid-January. Right? Ugh! It happens! I wonder if making a new years resolution to keep your new year resolutions would work better? Probably not, but let’s try anyway! 🙂

To help you succeed, don’t set your goals to high! Start out slow and work your way up! Change can be hard! Even if it’s for the better!

In celebration of 2018, I have come up with 2,018 ideas for a new years resolution!

Juuust kidding 🙂

Let’s go with 18 ideas instead! If you’re having trouble deciding on a New Years Resolution, take a look at this list of the ones I find most important to myself 🙂



  • Pray/talk to God more often! A good example is first thing in the morning after waking up. It’s a wonderful way to get the day started!

  • Make a point to perform random acts of kindness! Remember, an act of kindness can be something as simple as a compliment. Kindness does not cost anything, yet can be priceless to the right individual!

  • Dance like nobody everybody is watching!

  • Hug your children and tell them you love them every single day.

  • Eat healthier and cleaner. It’s really not so bad 🙂

  • Spend at least one day a week OFF social media! If that seems too drastic for you to begin with, start with one day a month! 

  • Make time for yourself! Everyone needs “me” time. Make that time for YOU! 

  • Call and visit family more! Parents and grandparents for sure! 

  • Take more pictures! 

  • Be in more pictures!

  • Find financial freedom! Create a budget and stick with it! Build an emergency fund! Pay off debt!

  • Drink more water! 

  • Laugh as often as possible! It’s so good for your soul! 

  • Don’t allow drama to exit your mouth once it enters your ears! File it away in your brain and let it die there!

  • Have more 1:1 dates with your kids. Each one needs that special time alone with mom 🙂

  • Have more 1:1 dates with your spouse! You both need that time with each other! 

  • Put the housework lower on the priority list! It’s always going to be there, but your kids will not!

  • Have more faith and less worry!


There you have it! I hope each of you have a wonderfully blessed 2018 regardless if you succeed at your New Year resolutions or not!

Besides, there is always 2019 🙂